A Simple Yet Massively Effective Way to Get More Done As a Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Posted by admin on February 29th, 2012 — Posted in Study entrepreneurship

To get more done, you simply “spend more time in your most profitable actions and delegate what ever activity needs to be done; but isn’t your highest most profitable activity or just eliminate it all together.

A simple way to think through what your most profitable activities are is by asking yourself a few key questions.

What is your goal for your business activity? Think the end result.

How specifically are you trying to accomplish this?

Now go through your work day and take notes about all the actions you are taking. This will take a few extra seconds but it’s worth it.

Then ask yourself: What did I do well today that If I do more of will get me closure to the end result or goal that I described above.

This will help you zero in on what your doing that is right and help make sure you repeat it.

Then ask yourself: What will I do next time differently. Pay special close attention to the way the language is formed here.

Because it does a couple special things. This sentence exactly how it is… gets you looking towards the future and how you will do better.

If you ask “what did I do wrong” it just keeps you in the wrong and doesn’t reinforce the possibility of what you can do.

If you would have said “what would I do differently” it just doesn’t put your possibilities in the future. Its important to always take what you learn and put it out into the future so you take the new actions you want as soon as you have an opportunity to.

Remember our ability to think through and leverage our resources to their maximum potential is one of the largest determinations of our level of success. And time is one of our most valuable resources…so lets use it wisely.

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